What is YunKe Global WMS Warehouse Management system?

YunKe Global WMS Cloud Warehouse Management System is a software solution that can provide visualized management of multi-location warehouses worldwide, and manage the operations of the entire supply chain of goods from logistics distribution centers to store outlets. In today's global market demand speed and fast growing economy, system allows consumers can purchase and return goods at their convenience. In order to be able to meet this need, systems are designed to support the needs of an entire global supply chain, including distribution, manufacturing, asset-intensive, and service businesses. Businesses need the ability to respond quickly with warehouse management software that optimizes fulfillment capabilities, a very complete and smooth flow of the entire supply chain from the front-end customer management to the end supplier response. Our cloud-based warehouse management system YunKe Global WMS prepares you for tomorrow’s supply chain.

What's YunKe Global WMS can do for you?

Seamless integration with cloud ERP NetSuite
It seamlessly integrates with Netsuite, it's the top ten Oracle cloud ERP system in the world, opening up the entire link from logistics to finance, enabling you to receive best industry's practices finance, accounting and operations integration without any delay.

Omni-channel receipt/delivery management
Omni-channel order receipt, quick order review and warehousing processing, automatic selection of logistics and warehouse according to the delivery address.

Planned inventory control
The built-in planning function allows you to organise plans and procedures for all logistics operations of warehouse delivery, warehouse inventory stock planning and allowing you to start to have real-time visibility into your inventory and managing fulfillment operations.

Refined goods management
Establish a coding management system that supporting batch and serialization management and traceability of goods to increase operational efficiency with warehouse management software.

Smart location recommendation
Introduce a shelf recommendation feature which user friendly interface that can automatically recommend a shelf location according to the type of product and location.

Dashboard management - full visualize traceability feature
Dashboard management functionality allow you to have real time visibilities of entire process data for production, procurement, quality inspection, sales, operations, etc.

Paperless RF operation
During the entire RF operation, the user can realize the entire paperless operation through RF with minimal paper-based processes and relies on digitized documents when batch picking, batch receiving putaway, outbound and greater efficiency of inventory counting.

Customize report configuration
In addition to system standardized reports and pre configured dashboard, you may customize any reports based on your needs.

Fast labelling and receipt printing
Allows you to able to print high-precision label without preview, print custom-format packing lists, goods declarations and delivery orders in custom formats to meet your global trade needs.

Pain points for our customers

Shot of a stressed-out looking young woman working in a distribution center
Blurry image of poorly organized warehouse with a lot of messy stocks and boxes
Product coding is not standardized, 
inventory is chaotic
 Inefficient warehouse planning and space utilization
                    Manual operation, low efficiency                                     and high error rate

Warehouse managers and worker discussing with laptop in warehouse office
Mess of boxes on the ground in a warehouse
   Rigid operational processes and 
         difficult demand response

Multi - warehouse, multi - department management, coordination is difficult

                  Abnormal orders are difficult to
                  handle, and abnormal situations 
                         are difficult to deal with  

为什么选择C-World WMS仓库管理系统?

Why choose YunKe Global WMS Warehouse Management System?

Integrated management,
comprehensive and fine
      It is fully integrated with ERP system to really get through the key nodes of logistics, storage, production, procurement, sales and other supply chains to achieve unified management of the whole link. Support the batch of goods, serialization, warehouse location management, really realize the fine management of warehousing and logistics.
Deployment on the cloud, as it changes
      You always use the latest software version of your cloud-based solution. Software as a service (SaaS) pricing includes periodic updates and no IT infrastructure costs. Everything exists in the cloud. The update works like an application on a phone, meaning customers always have access to the latest code base.

Customized service, intelligent upgrade
      YunKe Global WMS will customize a full set of optimized solutions for your enterprise from suppliers, goods and warehouse file management according to your specific situation. Access to the most advanced intelligent equipment, so that your warehouse management is simpler, more convenient to operate and more responsive.

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