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Build cloud warehouse: warehouse cloud, open ERP+MES+WMS+TMS


Dredge the cloud chain: integrate supply chain resources, systematically optimize the management of suppliers, customers and goods  


Create cloud state: turn enterprises into platforms, integrate upstream and downstream resources, and create asset-light cloud operation mode  


Smart cloud: establish standards and rules to create a balanced self-circulation ecology

With the development of enterprise & Companion service

  Be Tailored
Customized Implementation
Tailored for the enterprise intimate and comfortable

International advisory
Multilingual online consulting
We'll be waiting for you online wherever you are

Company for a long time
Online resources are constantly updated and offline training is never interrupted    
Standardized Implementation Process
1.Research evaluation
2.Program output

Business planning
The site layout
Team status

Process analysis
Layout optimization
Operations to improve

Real single test
On-line import

On-site supervision
After-sale operational

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